About the Artist

Tom Blessum is a fine art landscape photographer, focused on creating beautiful wall art.  His canvas and metal prints are clean and colorful, with unique, contemplative imagery that is easy to lose yourself in.
These days, you can find him working in his small home-studio, exhibiting at various art fairs, galleries, and other spaces, or exploring the mountains of southern New Mexico, the deserts of the American southwest, the Texas Hill Country--or other, far-away places--photographing that which resonates with him.
But it was not always so.
As a child he learned to drawing, painting, and woodworking, played the piano, the guitar, and the banjo, and was also introduced to... a little Brownie. The Brownie camera was about as simple as photography got back then, but it was the beginning of a lifelong passion.
That passion has stayed with him to this day, but there were plenty of distractions in-between. His formal educational background is in mathematics, computer science, and systems design, in addition to studying photography, writing, residential construction, project management, training curriculum development, Permaculture, and sustainability. Tom’s work experiences have varied from blue-collar to white-collar; from a Fortune 200 corporation, to a non-profit, to owning several small businesses. He has cooked in restaurants, built houses, coached executives, and developed software systems. He is an artist, writer, educator, photographer, philosopher, and carpenter, living with his wife in the mountains of New Mexico.
Though primarily a self-directed photographic artist, he is sometimes available for client work including event and commercial photography. He also provides photographic reproduction services for painters and other visual artists.
Tom's fine art canvas gallery wraps and metal prints can be seen at various exhibitions and events. Some fine art products are also available online.

Professional Memberships: Cloudcroft Art Society, Texas Photographic Society, Boerne Professional Artists, Nature Photographer's Network.