Artist Statement Rain Forest RocksRain Forest RocksRocks lay scattered on a rain forest floor in Alaska.

As a photographic artist, I create contemplative images that reflect my perspective of, and connection to, the world around me, from the magnificent to the sublime. When I am behind the camera, my senses are heightened to the simple beauty that surrounds me. Time slows, the world becomes small, and the intimate connection between me and my subject has an energy that is palpable.

I shoot with Nikon equipment in RAW mode, with no in-camera processing. I digitally process each image, making individual adjustments that help communicate my feelings or connection to the image, constantly striving for greater expression of emphasis and emotion, while maintaining the integrity of each unique place and moment in time. I maintain complete creative control throughout the entire process, from image capture until a piece of art is ready to hang on the wall.

Whether hanging in a home or an office, a waiting room or a foyer, a small business or an executive suite, a contemplative image gives the viewer something to come back to and admire, day after day; something to get lost in. Something that serves as a catalyst, helping them to let go of the daily grind, to expand the mind, and to bask in the experience of being alive and connected to the world.

My passion is creating and sharing contemplative images, so that others might pause and appreciate the beauty of the world, and be inspired, perhaps, to help make it a better place.


                  --Tom Blessum (Updated July, 2014) OasisOasisTowering Cypress trees along the banks of the Medina River create a shady oasis, casting their reflections in the gently flowing water. Photographed near Bandera, Texas.