Earthshine Photography - Fine Art Print Editions

Fine Art products are available in "Open Editions" or "Limited Editions".


Limited Edition

Prints of certain images are limited in production to a pre-determined quantity, specified in the product description.

Next to the signature on each piece will be two numbers: the first denotes the number of this individual print (like a serial number), and the second indicates the total number of prints in the edition. The total number is pre-determined and cannot be changed after the edition has been defined.

Once the total number of pieces is produced and sold, the edition is closed, and no more will be made available. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each Limited Edition piece, signed by the artist, and numbered to match the print.

The size and print characteristics of individual pieces within an Edition are determined by the artist, and may vary within the Edition. The artist reserves the right to use the image for promotional purposes, and may also produce a small number of proof prints, usually no more than 2, which will be designated as Artist Proofs, and labeled "A/P" on the face and/or the back of the print.

Limited Edition fine art prints can be purchased at art shows, galleries, exhibitions, or directly from the studio. Online, they are exclusively available through


Open Edition

All fine art prints not designated as "Limited Edition" are considered "Open Edition" prints and are not limited in production quantity. Open Edition pieces purchased from galleries, at exhibitions, or directly from the studio are individually signed by the artist. Prints purchased from and other online stores are generally unsigned.

In addition to the Title and Date of Printing, Open Edition pieces may also be labeled with additional information, such as printing date and a print number.


Both Open Edition and Limited Edition prints are available at Open Editions can be ordered in a variety of sizes and print mediums, including paper, canvas, metal, and acrylic face mounts.

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